Is It Safe To Use Digital Asset Management?

As with any digital platform, customers expect exceptional levels of security from their Digital Asset Management (DAM) software. Trusted as the central repository for invaluable creative and operational data, DAM systems must ensure their managed content is fully protected from external threats and internal hiccups.

Aetopia DAM is one of the most secure platforms on the Digital Asset Management market. Some of the most privacy-sensitive organisations trust us with their data, including Northumbria Police who to date have stored over 850,000+ crime-related files within Aetopia DAM (you can read more about their project here)

As the DAM platform-of-choice for law enforcement, Aetopia is the obvious option for organisations who take security seriously. Let’s take a look at a few of the features we employ to keep our clients’ data safe, whether it be criminal case files or marketing collateral. 

Extensive audit trails offer transparency.

Aetopia DAM maintains a complete audit trail for every asset across its entire lifetime, giving users comprehensive insight into who is accessing their data and when. Combined with permission-based rights for every platform seat, DAM managers can be confident that their data is only being viewed and downloaded by authorised users. 

Prevent unauthorised use with watermarking features.

Watermarking capabilities allow the assertion of ownership rights for individual assets. This function mitigates the risk of unapproved sharing of assets by clearly denoting authorisation. The feature can also be used to prove copyright ownership when published.

Real-time backup provides complete protection.

All digital assets are backed-up in real-time as they’re uploaded into the DAM platform. Every single asset is then stored in at least three different physical locations, meaning customers can have confidence that their important data is being properly preserved.

Fixity checks ensure digital preservation.

Fixity checks are carried out against all stored assets. Bit flips (where data becomes compromised on a binary level) can be automatically repaired by comparing “bad” digital assets with their “good” copies, ensuring assets aren’t compromised by technological glitches. This is vital for mission-critical data which could become redundant if tampered with.

Protection against accidental deletion.

Deletion prevention means any digital assets accidentally deleted (or those which later become relevant after their initial use) can be instantly recovered without data loss. This means any digital asset uploaded into Aetopia DAM is safe from accidental slips.

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified.

That means we’re fully invested in providing the exceptional people, processes, and technology needed to implement and protect a secure DAM platform. We’re also Cyber Essentials Plus certified, which means our networks and the tools we use to create and manage our DAM solutions have been properly audited.

Want to discuss your unique digital asset management requirements? Get in touch for a free consultation with our DAM experts, and check out our platform features here.

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