Next generation
Digital Asset Management

Have you experienced problems or frustrations with the ever-increasing volume and diversity of rich media files within your organisation?

Are you effectively sharing files with your business partners and stakeholders?

Do you intend to improve the way you manage these digital assets to serve your mission?

Aetopia provides Digital Asset Management solutions for a range of organisations, including scientific archives, large scale publishers, public records archives, private collections, marketing and communication departments, theatrical and valuable works, and photographic agencies.

Your next generation DAM solution and DAM partner is the pivot point for change.

So, what is your digital asset challenge? Get in touch to start the journey.

Protect your Assets

Control individual access levels and terms of use. Apply advanced steganography for deep protection.


Control Asset Workflows

Create customised processes for import, and automatic classification of all types of digital assets.


Involve Clients

Schedule projects and engage contributors, clients and partners in asset acquisition and routing workflows.


Share & Syndicate

Configure custom export rules to control asset distribution and syndication and to push content to web or print. 


Engage the Public

Create dynamic streams of images, documents and video to hold online consumer interest. 


Make Money

Generate revenue by licensing or syndicating your digital content, and by selling prints and merchandise.


Enterprise Digital Asset Management Solutions

Aetopia specialises in building functionally rich, scalable Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions for enterprise clients primarily in the PublishingPhoto Agency and Archiving sectors. Key clients include some of the largest publishing companies in Europe, as well as major photographic agencies.

For the past 4 successive years, Aetopia has been recognised as part of the Deloitte Fast 50 Awards as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Ireland.

If you are interested in joining the team, please get in touch. We are always on the look out for great people to join us - whether it's in Engineering, Sales or one of our support functions.

If you are interested in partnership opportunities with Aetopia, you can get in touch on our partners page.


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Aetopia DAM is a proven,  mature platform consisting of a unique set of clever features that have been developed over the years. The core 'constructs'.

A typical deployment would make use of several or all of these constructs, woven together based on our domain knowledge and expertise, in order to meet the needs of the business.

This gives us enormous flexibility to create business specific asset workflows which can significantly improve internal processes, asset curation and client engagement.  Read more...

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Aetopia provides a versatile, browser-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform that enables organisations to securely manage, share and commercialise their digital assets.

Its unique, flexible architecture supports the ability to create tailored asset management workflows that engage external contributors and customers.




Unique branded skins can be customised for each installation.

The presentation layer or ‘skin’, is independent of the core application. Separate public-facing ‘skins’ (a web-site) can be created for sub departments, publications or companies in a group.

The presentation layer can be designed to fulfil several functions that enable organisations to generate revenue from their media assets. 




Aetopia DAM has an optional (and fully integrated) eCommerce module optimised for the licensing and sale of digital assets with end-to-end order fulfilment, complete eCommerce administration and comprehensive financial reporting.


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Aetopia DAM includes a robust security model based on User Groups. Each User Group can be assigned specific Functional and Access privileges. This provides secure access and control over the system and its data. In addition, various levels of public access can be defined with different levels of functionality.


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