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    Collect, organise and share your brand's assets with Aetopia Brand Management

    Collect Assets


    Upload an unlimited number of assets into the system using the provided web or ftp loaders, or with the folder sync option. The system will automatically manage duplicate detection, versioning and storage for you.



    Use Aetopia's advanced taxonomy tagging system to flexibly categorise assets. You can keep it simple, or model advanced hierarchies and inheritance - it's up to you! Assets can be directly linked together or to a parent product or series - all supported via configuration. Assets can be tagged in batches to save time.

    Searching assets


    Once your assets are all in one place and have been tagged, you can find your best assets simple search keywords, and using the auto-generated filter facets to refine your results.

    Sharing assets


    Utilise the provided lightbox functionality to share selected assets with authorised users inside and outside of your organisation. Easily control download options and expiry dates with the assurance of comprehensive security auditing. The task-based workflow functionality facilitates collaboration and team working.


    Personalise for your audience

    The easy-to-use Information Portal web client is designed specifically as a simple web client for distributing assets to a wide audience, including external users. It supports online self-registration and approval workflows, and is easily styled to accurately reflect your brand.


    Report and Analyse

    Use the built-in reporting dashboard to understand how and when your assets are being used. See who's logging in, what's being downloaded and what users are searching for. Integration into your Google Analytics dashboard is also provided out of the box.

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  • Eight reasons to choose Aetopia brand Management

    Better control

    Improve security and control through centralised storage and management of your digital content.

    Increased revenue

    Enable new revenue streams via effective commercialisation and reuse of existing assets.

    Enhanced feedback

    Better information on which assets are being used and by whom

    Optimise workflows

    Find out what assets are being consistently searched for in the system but NOT found, and therefore need to be created, or properly tagged

    Reduce costs

    Efficient and cost-effective sharing of assets with external partners

    Improve productivity

    Faster, more accurate searching and discovery by users

    Better collaboration

    Automated approval workflows promotes cross-team collaboration

    Facilitate compliance

    Improved legal and regulatory compliance, backed up by a comprehensive auditing framework.

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