Your asset requirements: What to look for in a DAM platform

So, you’re looking to procure your new DAM software. You most likely require your DAM platform to be a centralised repository in which to store, organise, and share your organisation’s digital assets. Whilst platforms like Aetopia enable this fundamentally, they can be very diverse and do so much more. 

So before you start researching DAM vendors and watching demos, it’s a good idea to evaluate and recognise your unique DAM requirements. With varying features, customisability, and levels of available account management, some DAM vendors may not be a great fit for your business. 

We’re going to discuss some questions you can ask yourself at the beginning of your DAM journey to ensure you pick the right product for you.

How important is security to you?

Although every organisation wants to protect their digital assets from outside threats and internal mistakes, security is absolutely imperative for certain organisations such as law enforcement and charities who handle sensitive, personal information. 

If you have a particular need to safeguard your digital assets, it’s important to do your due diligence on a DAM vendor's security protocols. Look out for features such as real-time backup, cyber security certifications, and usage permissions to ensure your DAM platform is safe to use.

Are there any specific features you require?

Having a feature rich DAM platform is really helpful if you want to get the most out of your digital assets. DAM platforms can come with a host of features which enable greater, deeper use of your assets from the upload, to editing, to sharing. 

Some of Aetopia’s most useful features include;

  • Elasticsearch technology to search and analyse huge volumes of data in milliseconds—ideal if you need to retrieve assets quickly and efficiently. 
  • Lightbox functionalities which enable you to share select assets with approved third-parties.
  • Indepth, built-in reporting dashboards where you can monitor everything from logins, downloads, and searches.
  • Redaction capabilities which enable you to remove or hide parts of documents, images, and video.

Do you want to customise your platform?

Whilst out-the-box solutions offer a fine DAM solution for organisations with basic digital asset requirements, they can be quite limiting for larger, more complex collections. 

Many organisations find having an adaptable DAM solution works best for them, as they require certain features which may not be available in ready made options. Our engineer-led team frequently takes on projects with custom requirements, and we will happily chat through any specific business needs. Aetopia is an out-of-the-box solution which can be adapted to suit your needs.

Will you require assistance during the migration process?

Large, off-the-shelf solutions are also not great for providing thorough and consistent account management throughout the process. Especially if you’re not on one of their highest tiers of spend, you may find yourself navigating the platform and migration on your own.

If you have a complex project, or require assistance defining your taxonomy and metadata, it’s worth exploring vendors with a proven track record of customer success. 

“I’ll become a familiar face to any client when they begin onboarding with us, as I work alongside the team from the word “go” to get projects up and running. Even after we’ve gone live I remain in contact with our customers, scheduling regular calls to make sure everything is going well with the DAMS.My ultimate goal is to ensure customers know how to use the system to its full potential—I love enabling their success.”

Sonia Gannon, Aetopia’s Head of Customer Success

How do you want to host your assets?

Finally, think about the practicalities of how you want to host your digital assets. Do you require on-premise storage? Or do you want to utilise a cloud-hosted DAM? Not all vendors can accommodate every type of storage option, so it’s worth exploring that, especially if you need to adhere to internal requirements. 

Want to know if Aetopia suits your DAM requirements? Reach out to our team to book a free demo or ask any questions.

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